New Homes, Commercial and Residential Developments

A quality electrician is essential when it comes to building a new home.

If you’re planning to build, extend or develop a commercial or residential space, JWC Electrical have the tradesmen to assist you.

At JWC, we know what’s required for the various electrical projects you will encounter in the process of building and renovating.

We can offer professional advice and workmanship, no matter what the job.


Often for new homes, you have to consider how your property will be wired to supply electricity to every room.

Our level 2 electricians can supply and install overhead or underground systems for electrical functionality in your home.

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Multi Residential Services


Often people extend or redevelop a section of their property to modernise it. Extensions can add value to your property and improve its aesthetic.

For home extensions, our team can successfully disconnect or reconnect power to different parts of your property. We can also install new light fittings, new switchboards, additional power points and SO much more.

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No matter what you’re doing to your home, whether it’s renovating the whole property or a certain room, we will tailor and build an electrical system based on your preferences.

We’ll work with builders to ensure we cover every basis of a well functioning home and can offer advice about how to build or extend your dream property.